Race by the Books

In this project, we wanted to look at the number of books checked out from Van Pelt Library over the past fifteen years on the topic of race relations. We compared this data against some of the most prominent race-related events of the 21st century. We got our numbers by filtering the annual circulation data by call numbers that refer to topics concerning race. Those include HT1501-1595 (Social sciences - Communities, classes and races - Races), HN1-995 (Social history and conditions, Social problems), E895-904 (Twenty-first century), E902-904 (George W. Bush's administrations, 2001-2009), E907-909 (Barack Obama’s administration, 2009-2016).The graph shows the number of checkouts per month (of that year and each preceding year since 2000), and the line going through it represents the average number of checkouts over the past fifteen years.

Project by Melissa Buja, Virginia Walcott, and Jinxiang Wu